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ORANGE Urban Design

combines research and design to identify the potential and most innovative uses of spaces to ensure that every plan makes a one of a kind contribution to the surrounding urban environment, and improves people's lives.

ORANGE Urban design is based in Oklahoma City.

The diversity of the city,


with quiet places,

the people and how we use it.

Inspiring every day.

San Francisco





Oklahoma City

Arjan Jager

Urban Designer & Planner

Arjan has a Bachelor's degree in urban planning and a Master's degree in urban design. He worked for leading urban design and landscape architecture offices in Amsterdam [Netherlands] and also was four years part of the urban design team at the Planning Department of Amsterdam.


For four years Arjan combined his work as an urban designer with being an energetic adjunct professor of urban design at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. 

He worked and lived in Zimbabwe and Indonesia where he experienced how simple, spot on designs can make a huge impact on quality of life. This combination of experiences defines his personal style as a designer.

Before moving to Oklahoma City, he lived for three years in San Francisco, and worked on several projects in the Bay Area. This summer, he will combine his work in OKC with being a professor at the Urban Design Studio of OU in Tulsa, OK.

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