Downtown Development Framework

Oklahoma City's Downtown Development Framework is document that helps to guide public and private investments by showing clear expectations of future development and design. A first step for the City towards creating form based code, all to make sure that investments in downtown OKC support the long term vision for the area.

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Oklahoma City, OK (US)

Development typologies


Development typologies establish a vision for downtown Oklahoma City that focuses on type, height, and scale of future buildings within various areas that impact future design, land use and infrastructure decisions.

Typologies and networks


Development needs to respond to future changes in networks. The bicycle network identifies the most appropriate streets for new bicycle infrastructure. These routes connect to a city-wide system and take the modern streetcar route into account as well.

Design principles

Many design principles are visualized by images and illustrations. These give an idea of what each downtown area could look like and what the regulations and guidelines for new development try to achieve.



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