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Faith in the Street is a project where classic streets and cars have a prominent place. Cars are barred in almost all Dutch city centers, which is comfortable, but also makes many downtowns similar by program and by the customers they attract. They are competitive with each other. Zoetermeer is a newtown surrounded by cities with a historic downtown, and has a city center built in the 70s which is in decline.


The development of new streets and connections is a powerful tool to redevelop a city center in decline. This plan connects existing dead end streets and creates a continues new street that connects not only new and existing program (movie theater, music hall, shopping center), but also is the missing link between the existing regional road and the elevated car-free shopping street. The masterplan results in an exciting new shopping circuit, easy accessable and preservation of the existing qualities. New housing makes the central area more lively and connections with surrounding neighborhoods are improved.


It will be possible to experience how great it is to drive through a Dutch city center again, just next to the typical car-free shopping streets.

project for

Academy of Architecture Amsterdam


Master Plan Study


1355 new dwellings, 23.250 sm (250.000 sf) office space, 4.300 sm (44.000 sf) commercial space, 2.320 parking, new city hall, new casino and hotel.


Zoetermeer, Netherlands



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