Placemaking / Area Plans

Area Plans are neighborhood master plans that translate policy in PlanOKC, the City's 

comprehensive plan, into projects that can be implemented in the next five years. Close collaboration with residents lead to priority projects to connect neighborhoods with parks, stores and schools as well as essential street improvement projects in the next years. 

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City of Oklahoma City |

City project


Strategy, design, implementation

Oklahoma City, OK (US)


Short and long term priorities

Many neighborhoods and parks are disconnected by busy arterials. New crosswalks give residents access to nearby parks, but funding is often limited so it is important to understand the impact of each crosswalk and which one has people's preference. 


An illustration can not only help this process, but also give insights in what other projects are needed to connect other amenities with the neighborhood and who should be involved to get this done.

Change perspective

Images help to get an idea across and change people's perspective, e.g. how grocery shopping can become more when we make it possible to grab a coffee, meet friends in a park or at a pop up event. Sometimes it only needs a new, inviting sidewalk!





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