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What I do

My focus is always on people. Urban design means creating conditions that improve the quality of people’s lives and the build environment and giving them chances to flourish. My work ranges from strategic plans to design and implementation. Collaboration is key to a successful project.

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Together with clients I develop strategic plans for their neighborhoods and cities. Research, analysis, observations and conversations lead to understanding how people use and would like to use their environment. Strategic plans address problems and qualities and give solutions to improve and strengthen quality of life.

I work on


I help clients to design public spaces and create networks that connect them in a safe, comfortable and inspiring way with existing and proposed programs. Life is a journey and every small trip, from home to a friend, job, grocery store, school or park, is a journey within that journey. Every design aims to improve all these small trips and experiences and make the journey more enjoyable.

I work on


Collaboration with clients is always about making plans work for the community as well. I will do everything I can to create new collaborations between people with diverse agendas and interests. The more people support a plan and work together, the bigger the chance of success and creating opportunities for many.

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