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Area Plans

Area Plans are neighborhood master plans that translate policy in PlanOKC, the City's 

comprehensive plan, into projects that can be implemented in the next five years. Close collaboration with residents lead to priority projects that connect the residents of the neighborhoods much better with their parks, stores and schools. The Area Plans also address the essential street improvement projects for the coming years. 

Oklahoma City, OK (US)

City of Oklahoma City


Strategy, design, implementation






Short and long term priorities

Many neighborhoods and parks are disconnected by busy, four lane arterials. Funding is limited so we created clear illustrations to show residents what nearby amenities each crosswalk connects to.

Change perspective

Other images help to show people how their neighborhood could transform, e.g. how grocery shopping can become a more interesting experience when it is 

possible to drink a coffee and meet friends in a park or at a pop up event. Sometimes all it needs is a simple sidewalk, 

crosswalk or outdoor seating area.

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