Oklahoma City's first bicycle and pedestrian master plan connects people with schools, parks, shopping areas, bus stops, sports facilities, entertainment districts, work and other neighborhoods. New sidewalks and bike lanes give young & old the chance to walk or cycle somewhere in a safe and inviting way. In a car-oriented city, this plan will change people's life.

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Big Ideas


For the next 20 years, Oklahoma City's pedestrian and bicycle projects will aim for realizing seven 'big ideas': Grand Boulevard linear park, Crosstown corridors, Pedestrian priority areas, Downtown pedestrian improvements, Neighborhood greenways, Multi-use trails and Bicycle & pedestrian bridges.


Engaging the community through energizing, constructive meetings in the early stages of the project has been a priority. 


For having meaningful discussions with everyone it was very important to explain the difference between daily and weekly cycling. Oklahoma City has many miles of trails for experienced cyclists, but BikewalkOKC is focused on improving bicycle infrastructure to make daily cycling activities more inviting.


Translation of the big ideas into concrete plans show the potential as well as conflicts and issues that need to be addressed or taken into account.



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