Randenbroek Zuid

Randenbroek Zuid in Amersfoort is a redevelopment project that created a wide variety of housing, and improved the existing public space. Residents had the opportunity to relocate into one of the new houses. Participation of existing residents and possible buyers was an important part of the planning proces for this project.







Amersfoort, Netherlands

Must | www.must.nl

De Alliantie Ontwikkeling, Gemeente Amersfoort


Urban Regeneration

279 dwellings, mixed use, infrastructure, public space, and neighborhood park design

Designing with the neighborhood

Involving residents by using clear visuals and interactive models  from the start was essential for a constructive collaboration throughout the design process. Explaining options, impossibilities and decisions step by step created awareness and mutual understanding among everyone involved in the project, and eventually resulted in returning and new residents owning their neighborhood. 

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